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automated solutions
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site maintenance

There is no software
to install or learn.
reports provide you
with the information
you need, when you
need it, to make
quick repairs to
your site.

You don't need
to be a computer
science grad to
interpret your
reports. Click here
to see a sample.

Website Performance Solutions

Let's face it—maintaining a website is not nearly as fun as creating it in the first place. But what's the point in building a site and letting it deteriorate until it's no longer attractive or useful to visitors?
SiteTechnician website evaluations empower you by providing the actionable intelligence you need to:
  • eliminate website usability pitfalls including broken links, slow-to-download pages, pages that are not optimized for search engines, and website accessibility problems
  • increase website value and credibility
  • gain visitor trust
  • increase conversion: completed transactions, newsletter registrations, product requests etc.
  • improve your search engine rank
  • increase site traffic
  • improve your site's "stickiness"
  • stimulate return website visits
  • decrease customer complaints and customer churn
  • decrease website maintenance headaches and expenses

SiteTechnician's website evaluations include the identification of broken links, an analysis of accessibility, a report on search engine optimization, and an analysis of page load times. Additionally, SiteTechnician provides you with seven website content management tools and reports to monitor changes to your site over time.

Site Technician Benefits:  
  • Insight into the critical issues that affect your visitors' experiences
  • The actionable intelligence you need to improve those experiences
  • Online, remote analysis requires no software or hardware to download, install or support
  • HTML formatted reports are easy to understand

Click here to view sample reports.
Click here to view the SiteTechnician Datasheet (pdf format).
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home / site killers / solutions / sample reports / free audit / about / contact / clients / partners / pricing / FAQ / resources

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