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Is your site
"sticky" as
it could be?

Can you pinpoint
which content on
your site has
changed in the
last month? In
the last week?

Does your site
contain any stale
that have not
changed within
the past year?

Do you maintain
a catalog of all
the images in
your site? Are
they all still

Are all links to
external sites
still appropriate?

Are all your
"mailto:" links

Solutions: Website Content Evaluation and Management

Managing and maintaining your website content can be a real problem, particularly if your website is large or is updated frequently. SiteTechnician's website evaluation solutions provide seven website content management tools and reports to help you manage changes to your site over time.

  1. Website Mapping: helps you better understand the structure of your site.
  2. Old Content Identification: pinpoints stale content that has not changed in X months. Researchers at Stanford University have determined that stale content can seriously undermine a website's credibility. Learn more here.
  3. New Content Identification: pinpoints website content that has changed in the last X days or weeks.
  4. Mailto Link Catalog: allows you to quickly verify the relevancy of all "mailto" links in your site.
  5. External Link Catalog: allows you to quickly verify the appropriateness of all links to external sites. A website's credibility can also be positively or negatively affected by outside associations. A credible site can bestow credibility on another site by linking to it, while links to non-credible sites poisons the originating site's own reputation. Click here to learn about "porn napping" and the liabilities that can arise from failing to manage your links to other sites.
  6. Image Catalog: allows you to quickly review all images contained in your site.
  7. Website Statistics: catalogs pages by format type and tracks changes over time.

Armed with all the information your website evalution contains, you'll never be uncertain about your site's current content or what parts of your site were or were not modified as required.

website mapping

Click here to view sample reports.
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"Many website business managers are discovering that the systems they have in place don't provide the information they need to understand their visitors and manage the improvement of their website. All too often website changes are made based on subjective reasoning, not because managers don't want to apply an objective, data- based approach, but because their current management systems don't allow it." Read the full report, The Executive Guide to Improving Website ROI, from the experts at Webcriteria.

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