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Does your site
get as much
traffic as you'd

Is your site
highly ranked in
the search engines?

Do all your pages
contain titles?

Do all your images
have descriptive
ALT tags?
Descriptive file

Solutions: Search Engine Optimization

SiteTechnician's META tag and ALT tag audits help you optimize your website to increase site traffic with a higher search engine ranking. They will also help you improve the internal search capability of your site, if your site has that feature.

More than 85% of web surfers rely on search engines to help them find web pages relevant to their interests. If your site does not earn a prominent placement on the leading search engines, your site will not receive the visitor traffic it deserves.

Just how important is a high search engine rank for driving visitors to your site? A November 2002 CyberAtlas report found that 56% of Internet users don't bother looking through more than two pages of results on search engines. Furthermore, 16% of Internet users only look at the first few search results, while 32% will read through to the bottom of the first page. Only 23% of searchers go beyond the second page, and the numbers drop for every page thereafter.

SiteTechnician website evaluations provide you the information you need to boost your search engine rank. Search engines and directories rely on protocols known as META tags to scan and index your website. While you can greatly increase the odds that search engines will put your site near the top of your category by using appropriate META tags in your HTML code, missing META tags limit your ability to earn any placement among the search engines. Shockingly, more than two-thirds of all businesses on the web are missing these critical pieces of code!

A SiteTechnician website evaluation not only identifies which pages in your site are missing either of the three types of META tags upon which search engines rely--but also reports the current content of those tags for every page that contains them.

Additionally, the use of descriptive ALT tags may increase your rankings on important web crawling search engines including Google, Alta Vista, Lycos and InfoSeek. As important as these tags are, fewer than half of all websites use them! SiteTechnician pinpoints every image on your site that is missing an ALT tag, so you know where to add descriptive information to improve your rank.


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