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Most organizations
lack the tools to
monitor, manage
and improve the
visitor experience.

reports give you
all the information
you need to track
your website's
quality and
over time.

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Website Audit and Evaluation Samples

SiteTechnician's detailed website evaluations measure the critical issues that affect visitor success and pinpoint website problems to help you make timely corrections. SiteTechnician will empower you to improve your website's performance!

Click here now to view sample reports. These reports will open in a separate browser window.

How can you calculate the ROI of an improved visitor experience at your website? There are several metrics, both tangible and intangible, that you can apply.
Tangible Measures Intangible Measures
  • Increased customer acquisition
    • Higher conversion ratios
    • Less elapsed time (prospect-to-client)
  • Increased customer retention
    • Greater loyalty/satisfaction
    • Improved renewal rates
    • Increased customer growth
  • More consumption of products/services (deeper penetration)
    • Higher up-sell/cross-sell rates (broader penetration)
    • Reduction in customer abandonment
  • Revenue measures
    • Uplift per transaction
    • Increased transaction frequency
  • Cost measures
    • Fewer customer support calls
  • Improved customer knowledge/learning
    • Information value versus transactional convenience
    • Increased effectiveness/more utilization of site resources
    • Greater customer reach
  • Better customer efficiency
    • Time on the site is more productive (tasks are streamlined)
  • Risk Avoidance
    • Prevention of brand erosion
    • Avoidance of lawsuits due to compliance with emerging website accessibility standards
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"The unfortunate reality is that companies are losing unbelievable amounts of money online. Customers who can’t buy, won’t buy. Companies spend millions of dollars driving visitors to their sites, but once there, visitors find the sites too hard to use. As a result, companies lose opportunities for sales, customer relationships, and positive word-of-mouth – adding up to staggering amounts of lost revenue." Follow this link to read the full report, The Customer Experience Gap, from The Creative Good.

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home / site killers / solutions / sample reports / free audit / about / contact / clients / partners / pricing / FAQ / resources

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