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SiteTechnician Recon

A sales lead program for interactive agencies, hosting companies, ISPs, and marketing services providers. Before you make that sales call, a SiteTechnician website evaluation can help you learn more about your target customer and gain valuable sales information versus your competition.

Recon prospecting reports from SiteTechnician deliver high--level information on your prospect's web business. Ideal for lead generation programs, Recon qualifies a prospect before initial contact by evaluating their key website properties. At a glance, a Recon website evaluation arms your team with site details that enable them to be informed about a prospect's web business before making first contact. SiteTechnician Recon generates an audit of your prospect's site. Use the report to initiate a follow-up call and close the sale.

Qualify your lead before you call -- Recon evaluates your prospect's Web site properties. Don't waste time on Web businesses that don't meet your sales criteria, like small sites, or MIME types that don’t match your expertise.

Establish a performance baseline -- Use a SiteTechnician audit to establish the client's baseline website performance. Compare this baseline to the results your engagement delivers.

Reach consensus on the scope of work -- Your client might believe their website is in perfect health and only requires a few small changes. A SiteTechnician website audit can help you determine otherwise! This can prevent the client from establishing false expectations about the scope of work required, and the cost of the engagement. Rely on a SiteTechnician website evaluation to let you know what you're getting into!

Add value to your sales call by identifying errors on your prospect's site – SiteTechnician Recon reports on the website problems that damage the brand and the user experience.

The ideal follow-up call - send your prospect a SiteTechnician website evaluation branded with your logo. Initiate a call-back to discuss the website audit and offer a "customized" site re-development solution.

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To become a SiteTechnician Recon customer, e-mail or call 303.668.3439. Download our partnership data sheet here.

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