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Studies have found
that almost 15%
of all pages on the
web are inactive.

Does your site have
links to some of
these abandoned
sites? If so, your site
may be a victim of
"link rot".

Are all of your
"mailto" links properly
formatted? If not,
you've been
missing mail!

Our resources page
contains links to
dozens of studies,
reports and articles
that can help you
appreciate the value
of maintaining a
high-quality website.

Solutions: Link Checking

SiteTechnician website evaluations pinpoint every broken link on your site.

Nothing undermines a website's credibility like a broken link—one that returns an error message or a blank page. Visitors have very little patience for these types of problems. Studies have shown that 46% of visitors leave a site when they encounter this error.

If you expect your visitors to inform you of broken links on your site (the archaic, “please report broken links to the webmaster” approach) think again! They’re not going to report your website’s problems to you—they’re too busy surfing your competitors’ sites.

How long do you think it would take you to verify every link on every one of your site’s pages? All morning? All day? If your site contains several hundred pages, the correct answer is closer to all week! And since humans are fallible, you’re likely to miss a few along the way. SiteTechnician can accurately test each link on every page of your website in moments, not days.


the page cannot be displayed, a link has broken!
Just how frustrating is the 'ERROR - 404, page not found' error? You could ask your website’s visitors, but they’ve probably already made the decision to move on to another site!

the image cannot be displayed, a link has broken!

  This familiar icon indicates that a graphic image (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png) has failed to load. Is this icon familiar to visitors to your site?

Your SiteTechnician website evaluation will pinpoint every broken link on your site--external links, internal/navigation links, image links (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png) and email links--and indicate which pages contain that link. Armed with this information, you, your webmaster or your interactive agency can rid your site of broken links very quickly!    

Click here to view sample reports.
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link checking,find broken links
What is link failure, why do links fail, and what can I do to prevent link failures on my site? Click here to learn more.

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