broken links

What is link failure?

Web site information is held together by hyperlinks. These links point to the files necessary for displaying images, getting to other pages and other sites. When web links fail you'll see broken images and strange error messages as you use the site. Increasing link failure over time is known as link rot.

Why do links fail?

Links fail for many reasons. Whenever your site is changed, it's possible to inadvertently create a linking error by changing the name or location of a file. Additionally, your site may link to files on other web sites (external links), and a linking error will occur when those sites change.

Why measure link failure?

If you're maintaining a high quality site it's important to monitor your links. As links are going dead all the time, checking them is an ongoing process that needs regular attention.

Can I prevent link failure on my site?

Unfortunately, no. The best you can do is to routinely check your site for broken links, and repair them as soon as they are identified.