Recommendations Report
DATE: 2003.01.14 10:18
Problem Number
Broken Links 55
Pages with SEO Problems 78
Slow Pages 7
Pages with Accessibility Problems 62
Old Pages 20
Total 218

Quality Improvement Recommendations
  1. Broken links frustrate your customers and make you look bad. Fix the 55 broken link(s) on your site by editing the Parent files that contain references to these links.
  2. None of your pages contain description or keyword tags. Add these to each page to improve your search engine rank.
  3. Customers will start to leave your site after waiting more than 15 seconds for a page to load. Consider reducing the size of the 7 slow page(s) on your site by reducing the size of graphics, number of graphics or amount of text.
  4. Over 3% of the content on your site is over 12 Month(s) old. By updating your site with fresh content you can increase repeat traffic and customer satisfaction. Also you may wish to examine old content to ensure that it is still relevant.
  5. SiteTechnician found 4 link(s) to local files on your hard disk or network drive. These links may not work for your customers as they will not likely have access to your network. Change the link path to reflect addresses on your Website.
  6. You can improve your site's accessibility to users with disabilities by ensuring that you use ALT tags when ever possible and that all of your documents have titles.