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About SiteTechnician

Doug Render founded SiteTechnician after working as a product manager for a company that built software test automation tools. Doug was impressed with the technology behind these tools--their ability to swiftly perform dozens of simultaneous operations that would take many hours to perform manually--but concerned that most of these technologies were priced beyond the reach of the average webmaster or website manager.

Doug founded SiteTechnician with the ambition of bringing these time-saving website evaluation and management solutions to small-to-medium sized businesses to enable them to better manage their website properties and improve the quality of experience for their visitors. He's all about improving the usability of the web!

Doug has worked in product marketing and management, brand management, and worked for a VC during the go-go years.

Doug has a BA from Brown University and an MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Doug and his dog Peanut
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A Nielsen Norman Group study found that when customers encountered problems at a website they had previously frequented, 19% abandoned the site forever, 52% split their loyalty (found a different website: future use alternates between the original site and the new site), and only 29% maintained continued loyalty to the website. New visitors were even less forgiving. Follow the link to read the full report, Trust or Bust: Communicating Trustworthiness in Web Design.

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